Club Details

The club was started in 1989 by one of our lady members. I took over in 1992 and we now have members from all over the world. We need new members to extend the various leather or leather board bookmarks in our display collection which now contains 23,000 all different leather and leather board bookmarks.


Joining the club is totally free! There are no membership fees or complicated form to complete. You just contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you. We welcome members from any part of the world. You don't have to be an avid collector, just as long as you have an interest in leather bookmarks you are welcome. Our intention is to promote the collection of leather or leather board bookmarks from any part of the world. We collect all types, cities, towns, places of interest, attractions, events, charities and organisations to add to our display collection and to pass any surplus onto our members.

Swapping Service

We run a "swapping" service for all collectors. Again this is a free service and all we ask is that each time you send in a “swaps” you enclose a stamp addressed envelope for the return of the exchanged bookmarks. The service operates on a one for one basis and we suggest that 10 is the maximum at any one time. This is the most economical number with regards to the postage. There are some occasions where we are unable to place some very common bookmarks as we would not be able to pass them on to our members and these will be returned with the ones exchanged. Leather or leather type bookmarks from anywhere in the world are welcome.


As a club we are interested in purchasing any type of leather or leather board bookmark, both new and old, providing they are in reasonable condition. Manufacturers might consider putting a sample to one side and allowing us to purchase the different designs when they have a batch. We purchase the odd one or two or complete collections. These go into swap banks and eventually all find a home with genuine collectors. We sometimes find that people collected when they were young and now find the interest has waned. We welcome donated bookmarks and these are always found a good home with someone who will appreciate them. Any donations will be recorded on our website and any manufacturer will also be mentioned on the website which is updated regularly.

The club will have a place where we can ask for bookmarks that we would like to add to our collection. We will give 5 free for any of these bookmarks.

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